‘Suits’ season 3 video: Sarah Rafferty, Apolo Ohno team up for Olympics cross-promotion

Suits -Odds are, you are eagerly awaiting the return of “Suits” for the rest of season 3, and we certainly understand that. When your show is as fantastic as this one, you really do sit around and wait eagerly what is coming up next.

Well, maybe the video below will help to tide you over a little bit. This fun little clip features star Sarah Rafferty, where she has a pretty lively discussion with Olympic speed skating great Apolo Ohno in a funny little out-of-context scene that features a great little Louis Litt moment at the end. This clip is really designed to just be cross-promotion for a number of different things.

1. “Suits” – The show itself returns to USA on Thursday, March 6 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. You always know when a show has officially made it, since they have an opportunity to serve as a lead-in rather than one that follows one up.

2. The Olympics – That is happening … well, pretty much now. If you have managed to avoid most of the news so far, we really want to know a little bit about how you managed to really pull that one off.

3. Xfinity – The provider uses this spot as a way to also hype up their various platforms in which you can see all of the latest Olympic coverage, as conveniently as possible, of course.

There is no actual scoop on the rest of “Suits” season 3 in here (sadly), though we can at least remind you that Louis Litt is going to have an enormous story ahead courtesy of what he now knows.

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Photo: USA

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