‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Is Team Epoch shooting themselves in the foot?

Opposite Worlds -Are you still reeling from the big shocker tonight on “Opposite Worlds“? We’re not talking about the elimination nearly as much as some of the strategy of one of the teams who makes it so hard to root for them as underdogs at point. (Also, we don’t dig the “shocker” of a different timeslot. Putting the show against “Arrow” and “American Idol”? Crazy.)

Yes, we are talking about Team Epoch, who managed to continue to make completely crazy decisions. Why in the world would Samm, as the Decider, make the terrible decision (yep, that sounds repetitive) to actually force anyone against Frank? We know that you want to get the guy out of the game, but when you know that there is going to at least be some sort of physical component, pairing him against Angela is like telling a tortoise to go run against Usain Bolt (he’s not going to lose like that hare did).

So once again, the strong get stronger, and Frank is still in this game with an enormous chance to win in the end. Is there any way at all that this guy can be stopped? We are having a hard time believing it, and eventually the members of his own team have to start wondering what in the world they are doing keeping this guy around. Once you get another member or two off of Epoch, we’d consider finding a way to take him out.

In the end, we see that there is a reason why people are starting to bail on this show, and that is because there are so many huge flaws in it. It’s like watching “Survivor: Fiji” all over again. It’s next to impossible to beat a team of rested, energized people when you are cold, not sleeping as well, and hungry at times. Unless Epoch suddenly becomes a group of strategic masterminds, it is hard to really seeing anything in this game for them changing.

The flaws are starting to show in “Opposite Worlds” … and while we’ll keep watching the rest of the way to see what unfolds, bad strategy is not that exciting to us. Grade: C+.

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Photo: Syfy

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