Aaron Paul talks more about ‘Better Call Saul,’ and we remain giddy

Better Call Saul season 1While we have some serious reservations still about “Better Call Saul,” mostly when it comes to whether or not the show can live up to the massive hype of “Breaking Bad,” we do at least get a little bit excited every time we think about one of the original actors from the show coming on board the spin-off … even for just a guest appearance.

So the thought of more Jesse Pinkman? Awesome. Speaking to attendees at a recent “Need for Speed” screening, Aaron Paul made it clear that if everything permits, he would still be thrilled to play everyone’s favorite b-word-shouting junkie yet again:

“Jesse Pinkman, I love that kid. It was hard to say goodbye to that guy — hopefully not forever. ‘Better Call Saul’! I’m not promising anything, but maybe.”

So far, most of the other cast members have also said similar things about a potential part in the show. The original story is pretty full of both Jesse and Walter White, so these are two characters in particular that we could imagine showing up, but as anything more than tiny cameos here and there. However, there could be larger opportunities for some other characters, such as Lavell Crawford or Giancarlo Esposito, depending on the time period of the show and also their availability. Esposito has another job right now, for example, in “Revolution” … but given its ratings, there is no telling just how long it is actually going to be on the air.

This series is slated to premiere on AMC in November, and will start filming during the spring. Just in case you didn’t hear previously, Jonathan Banks is also going to be coming on board the show as a series regular. Perfect news for anyone who loves Mike.

Photo: AMC

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