‘American Idol’ alum Clay Aiken officially running for North Carolina Congress

Clay Aiken -Clay Aiken has performed on the “American Idol” stage, and has also had the challenge of taking on Donald Trump in the boardroom on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” So what is the next big task that he is up against? Think along the lines of actually trying to impact change in the government.

Following a series of rumors over the past couple of weeks, the singer announced in an emotional video that he was going to be running for Congress in the state of North Carolina. He told a story about growing up in a troubled house, where he and his mother only had each other after his father was angry and abusive. He also explained his love for music, his education, and some of the obstacles that he worked to overcome.

At 35 years old, Aiken is running at a younger age than many other do in the political realm, and we honestly do not have enough knowledge of North Carolina politics to know if he will win. Like with any sort of “celebrity candidate,” the biggest obstacle that he is going to face is trying to figure out how to prove to people that he is a serious contender, and not just a star looking to be in the spotlight. For the record, we feel like he is entering the race with the best of intentions, but recognize that we are definitely within a cynical time.

What do you think about Aiken running for office, and do you feel like he has a legitimate chance at actually winning? As always, be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject below. Also, visit the link here to see what is coming up on “American Idol” this week, or here to sign up to our CarterMatt Newsletter and get even more updates from us.

Photo: NBC

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