‘Sherlock’ season 4: If Benedict Cumberbatch faced off against ‘Sesame Street’

Sherlock season 3There is something all sorts of brilliant about the “Sesame Street” sketch starring Benedict Cumberbatch, in particular if you are someone who appreciates “Sherlock” as a series greatly. Heck, can we even get some of these people working on season 4? We’d be fine with a story all about puppets trying to be Moriarty.

The first thing that is brilliant about Cumberbatch’s attempt to do math on the PBS television staple is that the video is entitled “Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sign of Four (or is it Three?).” That’s a wonderful reference on its own to two very notable installments of the series.

Just in case that was not enough for you, you also have the puppet insisting that they are Moriarty, out to completely thwart Cumberbatch (while convinced for whatever reason that he is actually Sherlock in real life) with a simple game involving counting. There are some nice little cameos in here, and then also a notable spot from none other than The Count himself at the end. It’s classic “Sesame Street” in a way, but also mixed with a little bit of classic “Sherlock.”

Obviously, the effectiveness of this video is that it has now become something that people are sharing and talking about publicly, which is very important for getting parents to sit down and watch with their children. The beauty of “Sesame Street” is that the show is timeless, and is always going to be something that children watch; therefore, that allows the writers to come up with a few things from time to time that will appeal to parents.

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Photo: BBC One

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