Super Bowl commercials: Grading Terry Crews’ performance with Toyota, Muppets

Terry Crews -Is there a more entertaining ad during the Super Bowl tonight than the Toyota ad featuring Terry Crews and the Muppets? It’s silly, it’s imaginative, and above all, it is simply just good fun.

The premise here is not one that really takes a lot of time to try to figure out. Basically, you have the star of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” engaging in a little bit of fun as he hops aboard a car with some of his puppet friends, and they all have a nice little singalong about how they never want to be boring. Somehow, Terry loses his shirt over the course of the ad, and then sings loudly and startles Kermit the Frog at the end.

What worked – It’s Terry Crews! Perfect casting for the ad! There are few people who are better suited to do something that is both physical, funny, and very unexpected. Terry’s got the swagger that you would want to see, and an experience of playing characters like this. Heck, he’s even playing it on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Also, the Muppets arealways a nice touch, and it really doesn’t matter what you are talking about.

What doesn’t – Where’s Miss Piggy? Also, we do wonder about the sort of messaging here between the car, and the actual celebration. Theoretically, wouldn’t almost any car be this special if the Muppets were in it? Just saying.

Grade: A-. Still, this is one of the most entertaining ads of the day, and it also sells the Toyota brand really well to a family-friendly audience. They are not trying to create something here that will appeal to luxury consumers.

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Photo: Toyota

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