Super Bowl XLVIII: Bill O’Reilly, President Obama talk healthcare website, Libya, Broncos, Seahawks

There are many big traditions when it comes to the Super Bowl, but one of the more surprising ones year in and year out is seeing the interview that takes place between an appointed network personality, and the President of the United States.

What makes things a little bit different when it comes to Fox’s broadcast at the big game is that they don’t have a dedicated news division with their broadcast network; therefore, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News took on the gig for the second time to talk about a myriad of topics. The first major discussion point was the website, which is now up and running. O’Reilly hit hard, and asked a number of questions regarding whether or not it is working now, if he took enough action to stop it.

Following this, some other topics of conversation include Libya, the IRS, and at the end, a tiny bit of football talk. Obama predicted the score being 24-21, but he hilariously said that he couldn’t pick which team had the winning score.

The biggest problem with this interview that we had is that in terms of tone, it didn’t really fit the rest of the show. We prefer this interview when it is a little more lighthearted, given that you are probably snacking on chicken wings while watching it. Then again, you can argue that O’Reilly really doesn’t get any other opportunities to ask his questions. This is the only interview he’s had since the last Super Bowl, and it is not like Fox News gets many opportunities to speak with President. (Conversely, many more-liberal news outlets get few opportunities to speak with conservative leaders.) You have to get your questions in somewhere, we suppose.

What did you think about this year’s interview as a whole? Let us know your thoughts below.

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