‘Girls’ season 3, episode 6 preview: Alex Karpovsky on future for Ray, Marnie

Ray -Obviously, we should warn you now to stop reading this article unless you want to get some more scoop on the future of “Girls,” or if you haven’t watched the new episode that aired on HBO Saturday night.

Personally, we didn’t really see this as that “shocking” of a twist at all: Ray and Marnie hooked up right after he gave her a laundry list of things that are wrong with her, and you may as well add “hooking up with a guy who just emotionally destroyed you” to that list.

Speaking to TV Guide, the man behind the character of Ray in Alex Karpovsky was coy about whether or not we would actually see more for the two characters the rest of the way; however, he did at least suggest that Ray is going to be interested in keeping Marnie as a possibility for him:

“Ray has discovered a door in their relationship that he never knew even existed. I think he wants to go through it. I think he’s curious and intrigued by what’s behind that door, but I also think he proceeds with tremendous caution and reservation. But there’s definitely a curiosity. He wants to see what this is, how far it can go, and on top of it all he’s very attracted to her, which is something that cannot be denied.”

Does this hookup also mean that things are over for Ray and Shoshanna? Hardly. Instead, we imagine that this is going to be something that many discuss and think about over the course of the season.

Do you think that there is any sort of future for Ray and Marnie, or was this a one-time thing that will be forgotten about by the end of the season to you? Share what you think below! If you are looking for more “Girls” news and scoop then just click here and we’ll hook you up!

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Photo: HBO

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