Sorry, folks: There is no Puppy Bowl X – Animal Planet live stream for everyone

Puppy Bowl -We are here today with a little bit of a message for all of you looking for an actual live stream for Puppy Bowl X online: There isn’t one. We’ll be brief and to the point on that, mostly because this is something that we feel has gotten way out of hand on the internet over the past couple of years.

Time and time again, you see links splattered online advertising some sort of stream to the actual Puppy Bowl, when in fact there is none … at least unless there are changes in the stream depending on where you are located. The only “stream” available out there for the Puppy Bowl is a behind-the-scenes camera (which you can see below) that while cute, is not the actual game. Don’t give in to some of the misleading language that you may find from other media outlets; we’ll save you the time and the headache now by telling you the truth about the “live streams” for the Puppy Bowl. This happens every year, where viewers think that they’ve got a place to watch the cuteness online, only to come up disappointed in the end. (One caveat: This stream frustration may only be limited to international users.)

There is a pretty big reason why the actual stream of the Puppy Bowl isn’t online: It would be a giant legal quagmire for anyone to post it, since that is basically taking money straight away from Animal Planet. The streams that you see online (i.e. the behind-the-scenes cameras) are things that the network put out there for you to see for free as a way to get you excited for the big game. It may sound pretty harsh to say, but the only way to watch the game fully is to have Animal Planet on your cable package. Yes, it may cost money, but isn’t it worth it to support all the people who make this kind of fun stuff for you to enjoy? (We know that’s not really any solace to those who live overseas, and would watch the show if it was included in their packages. Someday, we hope that there is a solution to this.)

We are going to have some highlights later in the day over at the link here and if you want to watch the live cam which features the puppies waiting behind the scenes  you can check that out below. You can also sign up for our CarterMatt Newsletter if you want to get some more updates from us via email.

Photo: Animal Planet

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