‘Call the Midwife’ season 3, episode 3 spoilers: More trouble ahead for Shelagh?

Call the Midwife -One of the facets of “Call the Midwife” that has helped it to be such a fascinating series is that it has managed time and time again to evolve. We have seen the time period shift since the start of the first season, and some elements of society have changed with it. Meanwhile, we have seen the characters make big changes that defy what you would think of as traditional expectations … and what has happened with Shelagh is a fine example of that.

Since the beginning of the series, Laura Main’s character has transformed from a nun, relatively reserved, to a married woman who has left that part of her life behind. Her relationship with Dr. Turner puts her on a completely different trajectory, and that adds to the layers and complications of her character. You have a woman who has all of this history to look back on, along with the judgmental glares of other characters for the choices that she has made. Moving forward, she also has to find a way to live in a society that is still restrictive towards women, even though it may seem liberal compared to what she could and could not do as a nun.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Main teases some of the story that is going to be ahead for Shelagh. Suffice it to say that the road is still a rocky one ahead for her, even if she is now a married woman:

“For Shelagh [series three]’s not straight forward. They haven’t gone into smug married territory and there’s still challenges – quite big, quite serious stuff going on… There’s no doubt that they’ve made the right decision and they’re totally devoted to one another but there is some sort of difficult stuff ahead.”

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Photo: BBC

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