‘Psych’ season 8, episode 5 preview: See Gus take the reigns for a change!

Psych -Who doesn’t want to see Burton Guster solving a few crimes from time to time? So much of “Psych” over the years has focused on him becoming extremely paranoid, afraid, and quite frankly disinterested in doing the majority of the cases put before him by Shawn Spencer. Yet, for some reason or another, he ends up finding himself subjected to the vast majority of them thanks to almost everything that Shawn wants.

Well, come this upcoming episode, the tables are going to be turned. Gus is actually going to be the one leading the investigation for a change, and he has a very specific motive in mind: The victim in the case is a man who reminds him a great deal of himself. Who knows? Maybe in doing this, Gus feels like he can start to understand a whole lot more about himself. Or, maybe he just is tired of having to play second fiddle to someone else.

Either way, this episode (entitled “COG Blocked”) could end up being one of the more interesting ones of the season, which has mostly so far been inconsistent at best. The structure of this season to accommodate cast changes has led to a great deal of inconsistently, and we have to imagine that it had to be hard for the writers to work around. Of course, the biggest changes are still very much to come, given that we have still yet to arrive at the lengthy absence of Maggie Lawson and her character of Juliet O’Hara.

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