‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 5 (PBS) preview: Laura Carmichael surprises and more

More news -Tomorrow night, PBS will air its next all-new episode of “Downton Abbey,” and with that, there will be at least a few questions that are finally answered. For example, you will finally figure out what is going to be taking place with Lady Edith after a storyline that has run the emotional gamut. Not only that, but there will be a party, a few other stunners, and a new man impacts Mary’s life in a big way.

While we’re not going to give everything away about what is going to be coming up (mostly because our mission statement is not “ruin the fun for everyone”), we will at least give you a few hints about what is going to be coming up ahead.

1. Edith’s news is probably going to cause the second-biggest amount of shock that you have had this season, behind that horrible shock when it comes to Anna and Bates. What happens to her will by far set the course not just for her story the rest of the season, but also the series. Laura Carmichael is great in this, but that doesn’t make it easy to watch.

2. As for the Anna / Bates story, there will be some movement here … but not too much. This is something that will really leap off of the screen more later this season.

3. You are going to be seeing Jack Ross again courtesy of a new performance venue, and what happens here with him will surprise you both in two ways: What the majority of the Abbey thinks about him, and then what a few people specifically think about him.

4. Finally, Charles Blake is going to create quite a stir when he advises Mary that his interests in being at the Abbey may not align with hers … and while you have likely heard stories regarding him being a love interest for the character, you are not going to see much of that quite yet.

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Photo: PBS / ITV

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