Super Bowl (fake) commercials: Anna Kendrick, Newcastle leave you guessing

Anna Kendrick -What do you do when you want the hype of the Super Bowl, but do not want to shell out the millions upon millions of dollars to have an ad in the big game? Apparently, you decide to make the big move that Anna Kendrick has for her new ad for Newcastle, which has gone viral over the past few days and amassed millions of YouTube views.

In this video, the “Pitch Perfect” star goes on and on while getting her hair brushed (for an extremely awkward span of time, mind you) about how she was going to do this ad for the beverage company for the Super Bowl (which are bleeped out, probably a reference to the fact that you cannot really even say the words “Super Bowl” in ad space without trouble these days), only to find out that they later backed out. She ten plays the part of giant diva, saying that she doesn’t drink the brand, the company didn’t want to pay her, and also claiming a number of other ridiculously funny things.

From our vantage point, this entire ad is pretty genus from start to finish. It features someone who is a big face in pop culture right now, and shows her in a role that is more or less making fun of herself. Also, it is publicity surrounding the big game without have to pay the millions of bucks necessary.

What do you think about this little move by Newcastle: Funny, or just plain silly? Either way, let us know below. We’re going to be talking about some of the real Super Bowl commercials most of the day tomorrow, and if you want to find out some more news all about that, our suggestion is to visit the link here. We’ll have constant real-time updates and grades for many of the spots that air.

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Photo: Newcastle


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