Will cats replace the cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ season 5? Probably not, but it’d go like this…

Logo -For whatever reason, “Downton Abbey” seems to be one of the most-parodied shows out of any that are on TV, and there are times where it is easy to figure out why. It has an iconic theme song, memorable characters, and is also aided by the fact that it is popular globally. This puts it up there with some other shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead,” which are also both well-known and respected all around the world.

So is there anything else out there as well-known and popular as “Downton Abbey” parody videos? There is one easy answer to that: Cat videos! With that in mind, what we have for you below may very well make your head explode: A “Downton Abbey” parody video that also features cats. It is called “Downton Tabbey,” and actually features a number of adorable cats in various settings that feel very applicable to the show … and to them just being cats. It’s a very well-done spoof of the show.

Probably the best part of this video, though, is that it is actually an ad of sorts for Pets Alive, a no-kill animal rescue based out of New York. There aren’t really many better examples out there of how to leverage the power of the internet for good. As many jokes as we could make here about how the cats could replace the dog on “Downton Abbey” season 5, the cool thing is that we we can do so while knowing that there’s actually a purpose to this to go along with it. Applause all around here.

For those of you viewing this video from the UK, the show will return to ITV in the fall, and filming will begin in the relatively near future. Meanwhile, Americans should take note that the show is going to air despite the Super Bowl on Sunday night, and you can click here for a preview of what comes next.

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Photo: ITV

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