‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers; Andrew Lincoln on Rick’s ‘self-discovery’

Andrew Lincoln -Are you ready to get a deeper understanding as to what is coming up on “The Walking Dead“? Then we have some more scoop now courtesy of someone who clearly knows better than anyone just what is going to be coming up on the show: Andrew Lincoln. After all, this is a guy who has watched the emotional journey of Rick unfold from the beginning. He had his troubles before the outbreak, but now he is scarred emotionally, isolated, and almost completely broken. He’s lost Lori, and he now has to operate under the assumption that he has also lost Judith. That is going to be a tough thing for him to deal with.

In trying to sum up just where you see Rick, now isolated with his son Carl and on the run following the destruction of the prison community, Lincoln says the following in a new Entertainment Weekly interview:

“Rick is has been putting so much of his ideology and hope and change on Hershel and the prison. Now these people have been ripped away from him. The back 8 for him are very much a story of self-discovery for him, of finding himself knocked to the floor and finding yet again another way of picking himself up again. And it’s about fighting to be a father. I think episode 9 very much explores that — about becoming a man and a man accepting that fact. It’s a time-honored story. But it’s set under these incredibly difficult circumstances. There’s a heck of a lot bubbling for all the characters. They’re at the weakest they’ve ever been probably since I woke up in the coma. Of course, they’re incredibly tenacious survivors. Bear in mind, the only other people inhabiting this world who aren’t behind walls are also tenacious survivors as well.”

Some of these survivors are people that we are going to meet throughout the season, whether we are talking about someone like Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham, or some faces that don’t have the same sort of star power behind them.

One thing that we can promise now? Based on some of the footage that we’ve seen, this journey ahead for Rick is going to be both very lonely and very dangerous at the same time.

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