‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: See Lea Michele, Dianna Agron in a glamorous photo

Glee -Does it feel like to anyone else that the gang from “Glee” has been shooting this 100th episode for almost forever? We cannot really say that we are too upset about it, though, mostly because it continues to produce a number of little hints and photos to share from the filming process.

As for this latest one, let’s just say that it features a series standby in Lea Michele, and also someone in Dianna Agron who is poised to make a big return to the show. This image was first posted by Lea on Twitter, who joked in another image that she was sporting her best “American Hustle” look.

Even though the lighting may be a little bit different, it doesn’t take longer than a few short seconds to figure out that the setting that is being used for this is none other than McKinley High … and this could be the final visit there for some time. We’ve found out now that this 100th episode is actually going to stretch into another hour in “New Directions,” which could feature the end of Lima as a primary setting altogether. We’ll probably see more of it again someday, but it will not be for some time.

The only thing that has started to cross our mind a little bit during all of this filming is the issue of whether or not “Glee” is almost paying too much attention to itself as a cultural phenomenon. Obviously, we’re not talking about the Cory Monteith tribute episode that took place a little earlier this season; instead, we’re thinking along the lines of graduation in season 3, and then the repeat performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” last year and the return of many favorites for Will and Emma’s wedding.

In going back to this shot of Lea’s Rachel and Dianna’s Quinn, though, what do you think … and are you pictured some sort of extremely-glamorous performance to this, already? Share some of your thoughts below, and hit up this link to find out even more about this episode.

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Photo: Twitter / Lea Michele

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