‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 14 preview: Emily Wickersham’s Bishop and a secret exposed

Bishop -For most of the past few episodes of “NCIS,” one of the biggest flaws within the Bishop character to many is that she simply doesn’t have many flaws. She comes across as quirky, but it’s never really in a way that is a detriment to the team.

However, much of that is going to change during next week’s new episode “Monsters and Men,” when you start to find out a little bit more about just what sort of relationship that Emily Wickersham had with the infamous terrorist known as Parsa. Were they romantically intertwined at one point over their lengthy history? It’s possible, just as it is also possible that their relationship is more akin to the untold story of In Cold Blood, where Truman Capote became so fascinated with the suspects that he was studying that it ended up becoming a complete infatuation. Call it whatever you want, but Bishop seems to believe that at one point, she started to see a heart inside of a man that everyone considered a monster. (Hence the title for this episode.)

Thanks in part to this secret, which really should’ve been exposed to the team a whole lot sooner than now, Bishop has lost quite a bit of trust with the likes of Gibbs and the rest of the team. Is she a traitor in her own way? We wouldn’t go so far as to say that, since we don’t know the full story and promos can be very misleading. However, there is a whole lot more going on than what was initially on the surface, and that could change the dynamic that she has with the rest of the team forever.

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Photo: CBS

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