‘American Horror Story’ season 4 spoilers: Early intel on new season, setting

American Horror Story -Remember that gossip that there could be a major reveal on “American Horror Story” season 4 during the “Coven” finale Wednesday night? Well, that didn’t exactly happen. Heck, there wasn’t even the same sort of hint that we had like we did when witches were suggested during the final episodes of “Asylum.” We have almost nothing to go on based on what we’ve actually seen on the show.

In our post-mortem podcast overnight, we discussed our personal desire in seeing some sort of metamorphosis-themed season, or perhaps some sort of monster movie tribute that allowed some familiar heroes on the show to make a turn for the dark side. More than anything, we want to see something different.

While executive producer Ryan Murphy is hardly being open (ironically, the title of one of his other shows) about the future of the franchise right now, he did tell Entertainment Weekly after the finale that we do at least seem to be locked into a time period:

“It’s a combination of things. It’s a combination of two time periods, with the main one being the 1950s. I don’t know. We haven’t started writing it yet, so I don’t really know the tone. I like that we had a lot of comedy in this year, and I like the comic characters, so I think that will remain.”

With that in mind, you are probably going to be pretty darn bummed out if you were hoping for something super-serious and terrifying in the way that the first season (still the best, in our mind) was.

Murphy also said that the “American Horror Story: Circus” posters out there are at least somewhat inaccurate, and are coming mostly out of what some people are potentially hoping to see on the show more so than what is actually going to have. (Visual fanfiction, if you will.) He claims that nobody has guessed fully the theme just yet.

Also, the fifth season is already being thought about and planned, which would probably be very presumptuous were this not one of FX’s two most-prominent franchises alongside “Sons of Anarchy.”

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