‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 12 review: Who learned the Arrow’s secret identity?

Take a look -On Wednesday night’s new episode of “Arrow,” surprises were the name of the game. Yet another person learned the vigilante’s secret identity, we had a rival to Sebastian Blood, and a familiar face returned to Starling City to pull Laurel Lance out of her depression.

The question that we are wondering right now is if Oliver swung for the fences a little too much when it came to some of his moves. For example, was it really the best idea to show Roy who we was? If he was in different circumstances, it may have been a mistake, he was left in a spot where he had almost no other choice, and any other move would have led to some terrible things going down.

The decision that was more surprising, almost to the point where we don’t fully buy it, was having Sara Lance appear to Laurel after she went down a drunken road of self-destruction. In some ways, finding out this news could be more devastating to someone already on the emotional brink; not only that, but it could put Laurel at greater risk to be harmed physically by the likes of the League of Assassins. Obviously, the hope here was that like with Roy, hearing from a specific voice may cure Laurel of what ails her; but, if it doesn’t work, this was a risk not worth taking.

The rest of the episode was solid, but not necessarily spectacular like most of the season has been. We are worried already about Roy phasing out Diggle, and the two things we really liked about that character were both David Ramsey’s performance, and also that he wasn’t some guy with powers and an unfair advantage. Diggle just didn’t have anything to do most of the hour. Also, Bronze Tiger just isn’t as interesting of an adversary as Brother Blood or Slade Wilson, since it seems like money is the only thing that motivates him. Thanks to that, he’s almost like every other person in the world, except with an additional touch of evil to him.

With Moira Queen deciding to run for Mayor and Thea trying to figure out where she stands in this complicated world, there was a ton that happened on “Arrow” this time around. While nothing popped off the page and shocked, all of it set the stage for cool things to come. Grade: B.

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Photo: The CW

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