‘Justified’ season 5, episode 4 review: Dewey Crowe learns what being ‘family’ is all about

Four episodes into “Justified” and we are finally getting to the meat of the season. Boyd’s in serious trouble with Paxton, the Detroit Mob and Ava, Dewey’s cousin Darryl Crowe Jr. is in town messing up his new business and Raylan… well nothing is really going on with Raylan besides hooking up with a blonde social worker, his story is by far the weakest.

This week’s episode started out with a bang as we saw Dewey take Messer out into the woods to kill him after stealing from his business, but in true Dewey fashion, he messed it up and now Messer is missing and Dewey lost in the woods by himself.

What was most interesting about this Messer situation was learning that he was an informant for the Marshall service on the dealings of Boyd Crowder. Now that Messer is missing, Raylan is on the case to find their CI before Dewey does and finishes the job. Finally Dewey finds Messer, but a family finds and rescues Dewey before he can kill him and he’s forced to call Darryl to help him. By the time they get to Messer, he’s already dead and being taken care of by Raylan.

After Boyd’s shipment gets pinched he sets up a meeting with Johnny and Ava at the prison trying to offer Johnny a deal. Does Boyd really want to work with him? Doesn’t seem that way, in fact he’s used this meeting as a way to get Johnny tailed. Boyd learns that Johnny is working with Rodney, but what Boyd doesn’t know is that one of the Canadians is in custody and is working with the Marshall’s.

What we did love seeing was a real confrontation between Darryl and Raylan as he tried to force Darryl to get out of Kentucky by taking away the youngest Crowe brother into protective child services. Is Darryl going to leave? Don’t count on it… Raylan just shook a hornets nest and we can’t wait to see what comes of it.

The one story we aren’t too crazy about is the Ava possible rape story. We understand that she’s in jail and doesn’t have a lot of story at this point, but a story of a cop threatening to rape Ava is a little too obvious for this show. What we didn’t see coming and was happy to see was a female cop threatening this man into leaving Ava alone. Grade: C

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Justified”.

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