‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Tomatoes, popularity results, and Jeffry’s tears

Opposite Worlds -Opposite Worlds” started off shaky the first week, but now that the competition is really starting to get going, we are liking what we see. Are there some kinks to work out? Definitely, but it’s a fascinating show to watch just from the standpoint of seeing how people react to different social dynamics.

For example, Team Epoch, even with new team member Steve, seems like so much more of a family. They are suffering together, and suffering breeds friendship. Meanwhile, Team Kronos in the future continues to have everything, and they are much more isolated. That is why you see Jeffry making this huge effort in order to ensure that JR is taken care of as an ally, while we’re not quite sure that he shares the same sort of vested interest. Jeffry throwing granola and a sandwich over the wall? A pretty fun little TV moment.

As you probably guessed from this, Kronos held its power in the Worldly Challenge, which was a pretty fun little exercise themed around medieval times (not that place where you watch the joust while drinking Pepsi) complete with knots and tomato-tossing. That was somewhat reminiscent of an awesome challenge in “The Amazing Race,” though we feel for the Epoch team who had Frank the Tank (seriously, he is a tank) tossing tomatoes at them like he was out to blow them even further into the past.

This was actually a task based more around strategy, given that how well you fared was almost directly dependent on how you put together your knots. Kronos had a better move there.

The next bit of entertainment? Finding out that JR was the most popular player, and therefore got a hearty / drunken feast with Wyatt. Meanwhile, Jeffry was voted last, and had to starve for 24 hours while taking Jesse with him. To be fair, Jesse really should’ve been last … but still. Lauren and Frank are the Protected for the week, meaning that neither one of them is going to be able to go home. Meanwhile, one of them (depending on America) will select the team members to take part in the Duel of Destiny tomorrow night.

All of this was great fun, and very entertaining to watch. The only problem with the show is that it’s hard to see much changing. Kronos has more food and more opportunities to get a better sleep, so of course they are going to win most of the challenges! Meanwhile, Epoch is probably going to win everything as the underdogs that America votes on. It’s hard to see any of that changing, and that is what could make this game somewhat touching going forward. But still, this has turned out to be a pleasant little surprise in the middle of a boring month for reality TV. Grade: B+.

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Photo: Syfy

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