‘Psych’ season 8, episode 4 preview: With Woody in trouble, Gus eats cheese

WoodyWe suppose that when you really think about it, the title above almost tells you everything that you need to know about Wednesday night’s new episode of “Psych” … at least, unless you really like talking about titles that certainly are worthy of an eye-roll or two.

Tomorrow’s installment carries with it the name “Someone’s Got a Woody,” which is … yeah. You know what they did there. This episode revolves at least in part around the kooky medical examiner, who is someone so terrible at his job at times, he makes everyone else in Santa Barbara competent. Obviously, his hire is some sort of sign that there is a desperate need for anyone with this skill set for dealing with dead people.

Anyway, Woody somehow finds himself in a major predicament when he is held hostage, and he is forced to rely on (you guessed it) Shawn and Gus. Somehow, they become almost hostage negotiators, and cheese is involved. Giving Gus dairy products is the equivalent of giving a little kid matches and telling them not to play with them: Bad stuff’s going to go down.

The lucky thing for us is that despite all of our concerns about “Psych” so far this season, knowing that Maggie Lawson is not going to be around for all of it, we’re still enjoying the heck out of these episodes. That’s just a sign of how loved this show is, and how we would be pretty darn devastated if USA came out now and decided to suddenly cancel the show without the ending everyone wants. Some shows are meant for a predictable ending, and this isn’t one of them. We want the Shawn / Juliet wedding! We want Gus to have a girlfriend that sticks! Also, we want Lassiter to be consistently happy! Why are we still using exclamation points!?

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Photo: USA

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