State of the Union preemptions: Are ‘NCIS,’ ‘New Girl,’ or ‘Agents of SHIELD’ new tonight?

More news -January is always a strange time of year when it comes to network television. Sometimes, you get a flurry of new programming sent straight to you; other times, you get next to nothing thanks to this preemption or that preemption. There are so many schedule changes that you think that you had tickets to a concert of a temperamental rock star.

The night of the State of the Union Address is always one of the craziest, and for good reason. This Presidential event does not always stay on time, and you also have that whole awkward period of waiting around for the other party to respond at the end of it. Basically, the entire thing feels like somewhat of a mind-game, especially the parts that feel like it is just one person telling you how another political party is terrible. Where are the solutions in that?

Anyway, we understand 100% if you feel like you’d rather be entertained tonight than having to sit there and watch the entire address and response; you can always read up on some of the highlights later, or check out a video clip here or there without all of the standing ovations. (They probably make up a good 30% of the actual speech, anyway.)

So what is still coming on tonight? Rather than trying to list everything that is in repeats (sorry, fans of “NCIS,” “New Girl,” and “Agents of SHIELD”), it may actually be easier to sit here and explain what is actually new.

At 8:00 p.m. Eastern – You can watch “Dads” on Fox or “The Biggest Loser” on NBC, just in case you feel like there is no better way to prepare for a big Presidential speech than having to sit there and watch either fart jokes or people try to lose weight. At least Michelle Obama would probably support the second one. Also, “The Originals” is on The CW!

9:00 p.m. – Unless you really like “Supernatural” or “Face-Off” over on Syfy, you are probably going to be disappointed. There really are not very many options for you at this time. There is also “Shahs of Sunset” over on Bravo.

10:00 p.m. – See above, except now you either have “Opposite Worlds” on Syfy or “Justified” on FX.

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Photo: CBS

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