‘Duck Dynasty’, Willie Robertson somehow gets involved with State of the Union Address

Just in case you didn’t think that there was not enough madness surrounding the annual State of the Union Address, in between the countless standing ovations, the angry pouters who disagree with what the President is saying (regardless of who the President is), and the generous portion of the pomp and circumstance delivered to your doorstep, know this: This year is going to the ducks.

Specifically, we are going to have a visit at this year’s State of the Union from none other than Willie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty”. While he and his very distinctive beard are not going to be standing up and giving any sort of family-oriented monologues near the end of the speech (hooray for show-related humor!), his attendance is going to be courtesy of none other than Louisiana representative Vance McAllister.

Here’s the short story as to how this pairing came about. The entire Robertson family jumped behind McAllister during the elections recently in the state, and Willie is cited as actually being one of the major reasons why he managed to get elected. Is this really true? We wouldn’t really be that surprised. While your jaw may hit the floor faster than it would take Si Robertson to fire off one of his famous quips, remember that all of this happened before family patriarch Phil sat down for a little interview with GQ. At the time, the Robertsons were at their peak in popularity, and everyone regardless of political affiliation seemed to be down with a family that came across so well on TV, and almost was the closest thing to a hug-filled episode of a family sitcom.

But is this a distraction to the address? Definitely, much in the same way that bringing George Clooney would be. All of these people have a right to attend, but given that you are taking away an hour and a laugh of programming for this on network TV, shouldn’t it be more for the actual speech than trying to make this into the political version of the Golden Globes?

What do you think: Does Willie have a place at the State of the Union Address like every other American, or is he going to take cameras away from the event for any and odd reason? Share your thoughts with us either way in the comment box below.

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