‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 17 video: More problems for Ian Harding’s Ezra

The latest -What remains interesting about “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 right now comes via the sole notion of sympathy. Can you really have it for a character like Ezra right now?

Let’s look at this as an issue of pros and cons. On the pro side, you can at least say that Ian Harding’s character seems to care about Malcolm, even if he is not his son by blood. He seems very upset about the fact that he is not going to get a chance to see him in the sneak-peek clip below, and seems to be under the impression now that the only way that he will end up seeing him is with the help of a lawyer.

Now, we turn to both the big and very obvious con: Ezra is affiliated with “A”! Basically, he is working with a guy who works now in the profession of making almost everyone around him completely miserable at all times. Is he at the top of the “A” food chain? The only question is why he would be so interested in being a terrible human being, and ruining the lives of almost everyone around him. Is he one of those sadistic people who thinks that the only way he can be with Aria is if she is completely miserable? Maybe that is one of the various things that his crossed his mind. (If he does stay evil, though, he needs something to better show off those tendencies … whether it be a giant mustache to twirl or something else. Given that this is a show that randomly makes everyone close to the Liars evil, they shouldn’t be above it.)

What do you think about this “Pretty Little Liars” video, and do you think Ezra already has some sort of dastardly endgame in mind? Of course, sound off in the comments below. You can watch another sneak peek from this episode here, in case you are the really impatient type who cannot wait for a few hours.

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Photo: ABC Family

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