Grammys 2014: Show misspells Cory Monteith’s name, controversy ensues

Monteith -Even when you feel you are doing everything right, there are still occasions in which one little thing can derail it. That is what happened for the 2014 Grammys last night courtesy of their In Memoriam segment.

When it comes to including everyone of note who passed away in the 12 months prior to the show, you are looking at a pretty impossible challenge. Someone is always going to feel offended about someone being left out, but as far as awards shows traditionally go, we feel like the show did a pretty nice job. They found a way to tribute a huge array of people, whether it be a singer, a comedian, or a jazz saxophonist. So long as you are someone the Grammys could nominate, you were a part of the tribute.

Then, you go ahead and spell Cory Monteith’s name wrong by accident. Do we blame the producers for this? Not from the standpoint of intent. Clearly, they took the “i before e except after c” rule a little too literally in the photo above, and it was probably a mistake of someone who felt they knew the spelling correctly and did not even bother to double-check.

Nonetheless, some of Cory’s fans have come out blasting the show for the error, saying that it was disrespectful to not ensure that every name on the show was spelled correctly. Were it not a “Glee” star at the focus of this, it may not have been as big of a controversy; but, it would have been a story nonetheless, depending on what part of the internet you are in.

The one thing that we will give the Grammys at least a little bit of credit for is including Cory in the first place, given that he was more known as an actor, even though “Glee” had at least a presence in the Grammy universe during its run.

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Photo: CBS

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