‘The Blacklist’ sets another DVR record; ‘The Voice’ again not a factor

The latest -Just as the lack of “The Voice” on the air did not put a huge dent in the live ratings for “The Blacklist,” NBC’s breakout hit drama continues to kill it in the world of DVR viewing even without the singing competition around.

For the latest example of that, we turn to the big announcement from the network (their #humblebrag if you will). The episode from Monday night, with three days of DVR viewing included, had almost 14.3 million viewers compared to 8.83 million who watched it live. That 5.4 million viewers (approximated) is a record for the amount of new viewers added in live+3 viewing. This is not the first time that “The Blacklist” has broken this record, either; with that in mind, they could very well smash it a few more times before the end of season 1.

There was also some sort of personal record set for the show when it comes to 18-49 viewers gained during that same time period. The live rating for the show was a solid 2.3, whereas the DVR-adjusted one is now a 3.9. That is a 70% increase, and the biggest one yet in live+3. That does signal in a way that more viewers are deciding to just record the show rather than watch it live, but in an age where there are a billion different things that someone can choose to watch, we really cannot imagine NBC being that upset about it. Plus, there are more viewers that could be added to these figures when the live+7 figures come out, which will probably happen for this current week on Monday, February 3.

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Photo: NBC

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