Angela Lansbury hardly upset at ‘Murder, She Wrote’ remake not going forward

Big news -Now that the news has come out that there will not be a remake in any way of “Murder, She Wrote” this pilot season, one of the original show’s stars can apparently now breathe in a little bit of fresh air: There is no longer anything to worry about when it comes to a beloved show for them being tarnished in any way.

Speaking per the BBC following the big news this week that NBC was not going to be moving ahead with the project, Angela Lansbury made no effort whatsoever to keep her opinions to herself:

“I knew it was a terrible mistake. I didn’t want to sully the memory …¬†Octavia Spencer is a superb actress. She had no business being put into a situation that she couldn’t win.”

To us, the largest issue here was never exactly about whether or not the show would be good. It could have been, since Spencer is a great actress and it has been proven a million separate ways to Sunday that people really dig mystery shows. The largest issue was merely that we didn’t have any clue how this show would get anyone under the age of 55 to watch it. They would be really reliant on some viewers of “The Help” to suddenly tune in, since most of the viewers who remember “Murder, She Wrote” fondly are in the same camp that watch some of the oldest-skewing shows on TV. We enjoy shows that fit all demographics and are not speaking out of ageism; unfortunately, the broadcast model right now is simply just set up so that the only shows to make a ton of money are ones that are popular with viewers in the 18-49 demographic.

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Photo: NBC

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