‘The Voice’ UK review: Meet Laverne Scott-Roberts (again), Myles Evans, Adele’s cousin Georgia

The latest -Another week, and another batch of “The Voice” UK auditions? So far, most of these have been fairly present, though we have to be honest here when saying that there has not been anything just yet that has blown us away on a musical level. Eventually, the show has to have some sort of genuine star-in-the-making, right?

Read on if you feel like there are any sort of big-time stars in the group of singers who tried out tonight; as always, we have divided them up based on whose team they are on … or if they have a team at all.

Team Kylie Minogue

Nobody. Seriously. The lack of love for Kylie tonight was the biggest shocker of the entire 75 minutes.

Team Ricky Wilson

Myles Evans, “High Hopes” – After showing a montage of people who were not picked specifically by Ricky (see that list at the bottom of this article), we had this newbie performer / emotional story Myles. The truth here is that he’s not the best singer we’ve ever heard, but was strong mostly thanks to that element of believability in his voice. We really felt every note that he was singing more so than some of the other artists that we’ve seen.

Team Tom Jones

Vicky Jones, “Bed of Roses” – We don’t really think being Danny Jones’ sister should really matter much, and what annoyed us about this is that her entire package seemed to be about who she is related to. Her performance was nice, but we can’t exactly sit here and say that it blew our mind. At least her time with the coaches wasn’t about who she knew, and she had the pickings of either Tom or Kylie. She chose the former.

Georgia, “Hallelujah I Love Him So” – This was … weird. Adele’s cousin (even though reports are that she really is not close with her at all) seemed to try to follow her tradition with using only one name, but we’re clueless how she got someone to turn around. This was shrill and completely out of tune for a good percentage of the later part of the song.

Celestine – We didn’t really hear enough of the song to form a big opinion here, since this was delivered via a montage talking all about how Tom is recruiting a team stuffed full of ladies.

Laverne Scott-Roberts, “Explosions” – A very good audition, and this one (which actually was the last on the show) was from someone who already has a robust amount of experience in the music industry. She’s also tried the singing-show circuit before. But you didn’t get the sense here that this was someone who was jaded by the industry at all. It was a great, powerful performance that got all four coaches to turn.

Team will.i.am

Iesher Haughton, “Who’s Loving You?” – This at the moment may be the closest thing that “The Voice” UK has had to date to a genuine pop star. Iesher has the vocal power for it, and she also has a ton of originality. Has Will ever turned this quickly? We know that he loves the quirky voices. This could be someone that is around in this contest for a long time.

No team

Andy Otley, “Dance with Me Tonight” – This guy has an okay voice, but he’s no Olly Murs. He’s also cocky with his whole “singing for the ladies” shtick, and we wouldn’t have turned for him. At least the coaches were able to give him a little bit of useful advice in the process.

Paul Black, “Jump” – He looks like a guy who terrifies you as you’re going into a crypt, but he actually sounds like a old-fashioned crooner who would perform in a suit and tie. Just listening to his voice, we would’ve turned around. This is why we wonder whether or not there is any sort of information given to the coaches ahead of time … or if the coaches just aren’t looking for anything that sounds so dated.

Si Genaro, “Down Under” – The harmonica playing was the best part of the entire voice. His voice was pretty awful, and we’re wondering if this is one of those telltale / horrifying signs that almost every talented singer in Britain either already has a career, or has auditioned for a talent show before. With all of this being said, this may be the happiest person to ever be sent home. This guy almost hijacked the entire show!

Nathan Kobierowski, “You Give Me Something” – We barely saw Nathan, and he was in a montage of “why isn’t Ricky turning around?” clips. The funny thing is that we didn’t realize that Ricky was suddenly the hard judge to impress.

John Rush, “Bad Romance” – See above for an explanation here, but we would’ve turned for creepy Josh (a compliment in this case) and a haunting version of the Lady Gaga song. At least it was original and a sign that there was thought put into this.

Jeff Anderson, “Uprising” – Nobody should ever cover Muse other than Muse … they’re just a little too hard to emulate.

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Photo: BBC One

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