‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Sarah Drew promises closure on April, Jackson

What's next? -Regardless of whatever choice that April makes on “Grey’s Anatomy” when the show returns February 27, there is one promise that the woman behind the character is willing to make now: There will in fact be a choice, and you will know whether or not her future is with Jackson, or the man in Matthew who she was getting ready to marry.

Speaking about the midseason premiere in an interview with TVLine, Sarah Drew promises that you won’t be waiting too long for an answer to surface when it comes to that infamous moment at the altar. Also, she suggests that there are going to be some polarizing opinions about it regardless:

“We pick up moments after where we left off, and we will know who April has chosen right off the bat … No matter who she chose, people are going to be murmuring and gossiping about this forever.”

Is it easy to have a preference here? Sure, mostly because everyone has a preference when it comes to Jackson or Matthew. The brilliance of how Shonda Rhimes set this up is that Matthew is at worst an innocent bystander; he clearly loves April, and it is hard to really root for his demise while also rooting for Jackson’s success. If you are in the pro-Jackson camp, really to us the only way to think about it is that hopefully Matthew finds someone else after the two split that will help to ease the pain a little bit.

In the end, though, it’s easy to know that the other real loser in here is Stephanie, who is getting embarrassed and left no matter what. Rhimes is also smart enough that she would never have a female character stay with a man after watching him publicly declare his love for someone else … at this person’s wedding, no less. That’s at least our take on it.

We’ll have some more news on the “Grey’s Anatomy” front soon, so stay tuned; also, head over here for some of the latest casting intel!

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Photo: ABC

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