‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ preview: Carlton Gebbia puts a spell on you

carlton gebbia -While we understand that everyone has different things that they want to see on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the one thing that we’ve been personally hoping for over the course of the past several weeks is for some of those Wiccan ways of Carlton Gebbia to manifest themselves. We want to see some crazy stuff go down!

We’ve long been a supporter of Carlton, mostly because she’s entertaining on all sorts of ridiculous levels. This leads us directly into the new episode airing on Bravo Monday night, which features her first throwing a pool party, and then later on seemingly placing some sort of curse on Joyce Giraud for having the audacity to actually question something that she is doing. Take a look at the full synopsis below:

“Carlton welcomes the women to her annual pool party, a wild blow-out featuring naked women and naughty gift bags. Later, Yolanda invites the ladies to her home, but when Lisa cancels at the last minute, Yolanda questions their friendship. And when Joyce says she doesn’t believe in witchcraft, Carlton warns her to see what happens once she gets home – and something does!”

We have a feeling that this is probably going to be something that gets an entire segment at the inevitable reunion show, though we are also pretty sure that there could be an entire hour just about Joyce, and what she thinks about some of the treatment that she has received at the hands of the other women. Sometimes, it’s been pretty nasty.

In the end, we just hope that this episode really just reinforces again and again that we watch the Beverly Hills show to have a good time, really more so than for any other reason. We don’t really care so much for the tears and nasty comments; we just want to laugh without feeling guilty about it. Hopefully this episode brings us back to that.

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Photo: Bravo


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