Ben Affleck’s Batman duties slow down pilot with Fox

There are many awesome things that come along with being Batman, whether you are talking about the cap, the allure of playing an ultimate badass, and also getting to drive fancy cars. Apparently, though, there is also a negative to it when your name is Ben Affleck.

The actor / director / man who Chuck Lorre stared at in the bathroom recently had signed on to helm the pilot for “The Middle Man,” a drama that he has been working to develop for years with others. Like “The Town” or “Gone Baby Gone,” it is a crime drama set in his home city of Boston, and revolves around some similar subjects in themes. Deadline reports that even in spite of some of the recent delay that the upcoming Batman / Superman movie received, production is still making it impossible for him to direct the project at any point before the summer.

Thanks to Affleck’s change of schedule, the network has two options for a project that they are still very high on:

1. They hire a new director for the pilot, and allow Affleck to continue his duties as an executive-producer. While they may miss out on some of that esteem, they at least will still have a show.

2. They wait for Ben to be able to film the project, however long that may be. Fox does have some other projects that are going to be put out in the near future, including “Gracepoint” and (ironically) a Batman-themed series in “Gotham.” They may be able to wait on this show until the start of 2015, where it could air in a way similar to “The Following” or “Rake.”

Regardless, this is the first time that Batman has foiled a network’s plans since every other animated show that tried to emulate the success of the classic animated series. That is a very nerdy conversation for another venue.

For now, let us know what you think about this news below.

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