‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 4, episode 14 preview: McGarrett, Danny kidnapped

The latest -Are you ready to dive back into the “Hawaii Five-0” universe? Next Friday marks the first episode of the show that will fall into the February sweeps parameters, and thanks to that, the writers and producers do seem pretty interested in pulling out all of the stops. How else can you explain a story that revolves around some of the lead characters being kidnapped?

This is the primary situation that we are looking at with *Nā hala a ka makua” (“Sins of the Father”), which also has another important February sweeps component to it: Michael Madsen. This is a guy who is known for being in some pretty iconic action movies, so it would only make sense for him to star in a story that is about an escaped con who, per the promo video below, has “nothing to lose.” Expect drama, violence, and just about everything else to be escalated as McGarrett and Danny try to figure out how to save themselves (with hopefully some help coming in from the outside).

Take a look now at the full synopsis straight from CBS below:

“McGarrett and Danny are kidnapped by an escaped convict who wants Five-0 to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Danny must deal with Grace after she punches someone at school.”

 Overall, let’s hope that this is an hour that uses Madsen to the fullest, and also gives us just about everything that “Hawaii Five-0” is known for across the board, whether it be great action or also plenty of surprises. After all, this is the time of year when we expect them to come at you from pretty much every direction.

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Photo: CBS

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