‘White Collar’ season 5 finale spoilers: Matt Bomer’s Neal and a big decision

The latest -At the end of Thursday night’s “White Collar” episode, we saw quite the revelation when it comes to Rebecca Lowe. Namely, we were shocked to see that the love-interest / Big Bad managed to find a way to escape from prison, and also now hold almost all of the power to bring Neal Caffrey down. She knows enough about him to know how to destroy him, and thanks to that, she is going to be targeting one of his biggest allies: Mozzie.

Is Matt Bomer’s character going to be able to save his friend, and will Mozzie even want him to make this move? These are questions at the center of next week’s season finale, where he could be forced to make a terrible decision as to whether he wants to help his pal, or retrieve an extremely valuable diamond. Also, the is the issue of trying to stop Rebecca once and for all. While she has some sort of edgy new haircut, there may be some sort of weak point revealed in here somewhere.

Will this story tie itself up completely next week? While we imagine that the Rebecca story could be, who knows about Peter’s prospective move, or the state of his trust relationship with Neal? The thing about this season only being thirteen episodes is that it has felt like relentless thrill ride almost throughout. Of course in saying that, the big disadvantage that comes along with that is that the sense that we have going into the finale is dread of the unknown.It is very hard to figure out what direction the story is going to head in … even harder than last year.

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