‘White Collar’ season 5, episode 12 review: Has Rebecca tricked Neal again?

What's up next? -“White Collar” season 5 seemed to have itself a somewhat clean-slate going into Thursday night’s new episode, at least in that with Rebecca / Rachel in prison, Neal Caffrey seemed to have a pretty clear path in order to snag a diamond without too much trouble.

Much of this episode was geared around an elaborate sting, designed for at least in part the purpose of the FBI picking up some of the pieces of the mess Rebecca created. Did that really work out as they intended. Hardly. Instead, you have Rebecca still trying to pull the strings behind bars, and all while Peter and company were thinking that they had the upper hand. In that sense, this was pure “White Collar” through and through: A game of cat-and-mouse. The only difference this time was new players.

At the end of this episode, though, the story devolved to the point where it was no longer really about heists, though, and more about something that is also fundamental: The Peter – Neal relationship. Peter realized still that he cannot fully trust his partner, and the issue here is that now, Neal has other priorities. For example, Rebecca has now escaped from prison, and while Mozzie may have finally figured out the key to finding the diamond, it may be much too late for him. Basically, Neal has to now figure out what he wants: One of the most prized possessions in the world, or his literal partner-in-crime. Grade: B+

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