‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 11 review: Caroline, Klaus, and a shocking 100th episode

Candice Accola -You knew that “The Vampire Diaries” was going to pull off all sorts of big stunners for its 100th episode, but who knew things were going to be as truly crazy as they were tonight? “500 Years of Solitude” produced almost everything that you would have wanted to see from one of the most important episodes of the series, whether you are talking about surprising cameos, shocking twists, and also romance.

Specifically, we are talking here about the shocking hookup between Klaus and Caroline that has been in the making for so long. With Tyler now back in Mystic Falls, you know that this is going to be an enormous problem. We don’t necessarily think that there is going to be some sort of long-term romance here between the two, since they have their own shows and their own problems to deal with. But still, this was a moment that finally gave Klaroline fans exactly what they have been hoping to see for so long.

On the returning guest-star front, how about Matt Davis, Sara Canning, and Kayla Ewell all stopping by for a cameo? It was like the writers mostly figured out who was important to most longtime fans, and then decided to run with it and include as many of them into the story as possible as we started to see Bonnie learn more of her place, Stefan tell Damon that he should try to get Elena back, and then the Katherine moment that you may not have saw coming.

We should have expected all long that this longtime survivor would find a way to survive yet again. The twist here to us is that her survival meant that she would be trapped in Elena’s body. Game-changer? You better believe it. Grade: A-.

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Photo: The CW

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