‘American Idol XIII’ review: Meet Bria Anai, Majesty Rose, Chris Medina; Neco Starr returns

The panel -American Idol” took off from Detroit to Atlanta this week, where we had the opportunity to see a ton of talent packed into only an hour. There were funny contestants! Good feedback from the judges! A guy named Chris Medina who wasn’t the Chris Medina! Also, Ryan Seacrest’s mom!

Since we are dealing with a show this time around that is only an hour long, we’re not going to waste too much time at all dealing with the contestants that are a little less important in the end. The following are the singers who stood out, and rocked out.

Majesty Rose – Seriously, that is this contestant’s name. Still, a lovely rendition of Coldplay’s “Violet Hill,” otherwise known as an audition song that actually has not been done too much from the Coldplay catalog. Take that, “Fix You”!

Jesse Cline – A goofy guy, and a fun audition. But is there really that much that is going to be impactful in Hollywood? That is where we start to have some of our doubts.

Chris Medina – The sight of this name may have you excited, but sadly, this is not the same Chris Medina that broke everyone’s hearts back in season 10 with his story of helping his fiancee after a devastating car crash. This Chris for some reason brought a puppy with him, which made no sense at all … even if he was decent.

Nica Nishae – We’re very interested in seeing how this story plays out, mostly because Nica seems to have no real understanding or self-awareness that people need to like her if she wants to do well on this show. If this were real life, we wouldn’t like her at all; but for this show, great entertainment.

Jordan Brisbane – Jordan reminds us a bit of David Leathers Jr., who was a part of the past two seasons. Why? He comes on here with probably a little too much confidence; he can sing, but he’s going to be way better in a few years when his voice matures.

Sam Burchfield – A Phillip Phillips superfan who came in kind of dressed like Phillip, but the only real difference was that this guy’s defining moment in the audition was him doing all of the instrumentation during that song from “The Jungle Book.”

Jessica MeuseWe wrote about “Blue Eyed Lie” a little earlier this week, and we still have to say that this is a really cool song and a cool singer. Everything about her, from the pink hair to the original music, makes her sound out.

Lauren Ogburn – Not a big fan of the headband, and we’re also not much of a fan of the song choice; but, she is a good singer that with the right choices and style behind her, could go pretty darn far.

Neco Starr – He’s improved greatly! We barely saw the guy (who was cut previously), but we know that the talent really is there.

Caleb Johnson – Like with Neco, we feel the same way here. Also, the show needs a rocker like him among the guys this time. Episode Grade: B+.

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Photo: Fox

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