‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: What lies ahead for McGee, Delilah?

More news -On the last episode of “NCIS” season 11, we had a moment that could be described as so much more than just an ordinary tear-jerker: While the good news was that McGee’s girlfriend Delilah looked as though she was going to survive the explosion that was laid down by Parsa, the bad news was that the injuries she suffered as a result could end up paralyzing her for the rest of her life.

Now, we are at a point in time where the name of the game is recovery. Is it possible for these two to be able to move forward as a couple, or will the stress of the situation end up being too much for them? At the moment, the picture here is not entirely clear; however, showrunner Gary Glasberg did tell TV Guide that there will be a strain put on the two of them thanks largely to the fact that this sort of injury does come with a great deal of stress:

“It’s going to be a bumpy road for them, but I think you’ll see how it brings them closer together.”

We addressed this a little bit recently, but we have to give hats off here to the writers again for not just taking the easy road when it comes to this story and making things convenient by killing the Delilah character off. We know that may sound crass, but that is almost a TV tradition to cast aside new characters this way, and therefore bring their longterm series regular back to a place that he may have been in before. It is so much more interesting to see how McGee deals with something like this, and while Margo Harshman may be new to the show, her performance here could be inspirational to some.

What do you think we’re going to see on “NCIS” with these two, and do you think there is any way they end the season still together? Let us know your thoughts! Also, we’ve got some great scoop on Tony over at the link here, just in case you are not done reading up on all of your favorite characters yet. Also, be sure to sign up for weekly briefings on all of your favorite TV shows over at the link here.

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