‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Who was the first contestant eliminated in a duel?

Opposite Worlds -There were some pretty big problems during the premiere of “Opposite Worlds” on Syfy last night, namely in that there wasn’t really any character development, the challenge was dangerous, and the strategy component was by and large missing.

Luckily, the new episode Wednesday improved on almost every aspect, and suddenly turned this show from one that we were on the fringe about, to one that is borderline must-see TV. There were some great scenes in here as we say that Jeffry on Team Kronos is completely vulnerable to be manipulated, J.R. is a boss for figuring this out and helping Team Epoch, and that Wyatt and Jesse want to rip each others’ faces off. Seriously, they have a great reason to, and if we were Charles, we gotta be feeling something very fierce over Jesse breaking the rules and subsequently breaking his leg.

The biggest disappointment to us was that after J.R. won the part of the “Decider” (still not a George W. Bush reference) from the American public, he did not choose Wyatt and Jesse to go after each other. Instead, he picked pro gamer Rachel from Kronos, and then Angela from Epoch. The weirdest thing about it is that he put up someone from his team who lost to her in the Worldly Challenge last night. Luckily, this was the right move for her to make. Rachel more or less gave up, and yet our intrepid host Luke Tipple kept trying to tell us that “anything could happen. Sure, if “anything” means that a sharknado (Syfy integration!) could come up here and devour Angela alive. To be fair, this water looked miserable, and we aren’t going to mock anyone who struggles since we probably would have.

The biggest bummer about losing Rachel is that she was one of the contestants that we could actually remember pretty well based on her appearance alone. Following her exit, we learned that J.R. is the most popular player right now, and Jeffrey is the least-popular. So yeah … America likes a guy who broke someone’s leg more than him.

While the final challenge was a bit of a bummer, the rest of this was rather strong! It gives us so much more hope that the producers know what they’re doing, and this is a world that we would want to come back to. Grade: A-.

Did you think that this “Opposite Worlds” episode was out-of-this-world, or still stuck somewhere in the past? Let us know, and click here if you missed our review of the first episode.

Photo: Syfy

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