ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: This reunion for Stana Katic’s Beckett may be rough…

The latest -Earlier this week on “Castle” season 6, you had an opportunity to see an episode that really served one purpose: Giving you a chance to see that Beckett is willing to open herself up publicly when it comes to her personal life (at least if it shuts the press up). So what is the next move when it comes to preparing for an eventual wedding? Why, finding a dress!

You’ve probably seen the photos already of next week’s “Dressed to Kill,” and you know that this episode will at least feature Stana Katic’s character trying on what could end up being her dress for the big day. To go along with this, though, you are also going to be meeting a new character. “Titanic” star Frances Fisher is going to be appearing in the episode as an Anna Wintour sort of character who knows Beckett from their past, when she engaged in a little bit of modeling herself while still a teenager. This is a part of her life that really hasn’t been explored much yet, and that alone suggests to us that this could be a good time.

So why did Beckett end up stopping? While specifics on that subject are unclear, Fisher did tell TVLine that whatever sort of split the two parties had professionally, it was not exactly amicable:

“There was an ‘employment issue,’ where I ended up not very happy about her decision [to quit modeling].”

So it’s fair to say that whatever reunion that these two parties have is probably going to be a testy one, and that come could in the way of a larger case. After all, we have to assume that there is a reason why this character is showing up now of all times.

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Photo: ABC

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