‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 16 review: Did Ali return; what happened to Jake?

What's next -Drama was the name of the game on “Pretty Little Lairs” Tuesday night, as was the nature of trust. Who can you count on when the chips are down, who is being honest with you, and who is setting up to destroy you?

One thing that we learned early on this week is that Hanna really cannot trust herself. Rather than taking things slow following her breakup with Caleb, she tried instead that she was going to figure out a way in which to move forward with Travis. This relationship moved quickly … far too quickly … and thanks to her mom, she was able to shake some of it off.

As for who is not going to be able to shake things off, think along the lines of Jake. In what has to be one of the most horrifying things that we have seen on the show to date, someone planted little knives inside of his punching / kicking bag to deliberately hurt him. This was most likely Ezra, and it came as a pretty major threat to stay away. Then again, when did Ezra have time to plant this, given that Aria just told him about what Jake saw him doing moments before? Aria’s trust in the wrong person is costing Jake, and in a pretty serious way.

While Toby claimed that he was ready to just move on from the mystery surrounding his mother’s death, the other super-huge event this week was the appearance of Ali in front of Emily … and then her disappearance. What is she up to? There is a part of us that thinks that she was reaching out, but a bigger part of us thinks that this is another game to split up the Liars, and cause them to crumble in some ways from within.

All in, this was the “Pretty Little Liars” episode that we’ve been looking for all season long. There were moments of terror, comedy, and above all, ones that actually pushed forward the story. We’re very interested now to see what happens next. Grade: B+.

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