‘The Blacklist’ season 1, episode 12 review: ‘The Alchemist,’ and Tom and Liz drama galore

The latest -If there was one major concern that we had with last week’s “The Blacklist” episode, to the point that we even talked extensively about it in our podcast, it is that Elizabeth Keen and her husband Tom really did not have too much of a role in the story together at all. He went off for an interview (or an “interview,” if you think that Red cannot be trusted), and was not seen again until tongiht.

As soon as he arrived this time, there was some of that long-awaited domestic drama between the two as Tom is upset that Liz is never home, and probably will not be mother of the year because of it. She was late for a special dinner gain with her main, and that drove the two even further apart. Heck, he could be heading off to some sort of random art show with a substitute teacher.

Meanwhile, Ressler had a story again! This was probably the best part of the episode, mostly because there is a lot to go with here. He has a story! Also, it could be a happy one in the end. Meanwhile, Meera is not going to have a happy ending based on Reddington showing up at the end, and her admitting to be the mole.

The biggest problem with this episode is that despite the pretty awesome premise of an “Alchemist” who could really turn someone into a completely new person, the rest of the story from there was pretty episodic and boring. Of course, he was found, and then taking down. Reddington was gone for far too much of the proceedings, and there wasn’t anything in here to get us that much more excited about what lies ahead. After having such a strong ending in the fall, and showing us what it is truly capable of, “The Blacklist” is now on its way to a slump. Grade: C.

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