‘The Originals’ episode 11 preview: Joseph Morgan’s Klaus and his take on witches

Is it pretty darn fair to say right now that Klaus is not much of a fan of witches? We would say so, and the latest sneak-peek from Tuesday night’s episode of “The Originals” is really just further evidence of that.

Basically, it only takes a matter of a few short minutes to figure out what is happening here. Klaus hates witches for the most part, and he tries to make a compelling case to Elijah all about it. Then, we also have a little bit of Hayley placed in here as well, who we personally feel like is in one of the most terrible positions of all time. She’s stuck being the mother of a child of Klaus, one of the most terrible vampires in all of existence. Then, her feelings are for his brother, and there is all sorts of nastiness and jealous that are going to come along with this.

But where does this scene take us in the end? Not too far, at least not yet. In looking at this episode in the larger scope, it is mostly going to be about seeing if Klaus can fully take some of his own power and authority back. This is a show that is in some ways really about a tug-of-rope, whether it be between Klaus and his brother, the vampires and the witches, the werewolves and the vampires, and then Rebekah versus what seems to be almost everyone at times. When you add in here all of the violence, you ultimately have one of the more thrilling (but also bloody) programs on TV.

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