ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 13 preview: Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion vs. the press

Limelight -It’s a battle that many celebrities are familiar with, as you have the never-ending love / hate relationship with the media. Most of the time, you want them to report about all the great, wonderful things that are doing. Unfortunately, they only do that about half of the time (if that). Instead, most of their time is instead occupied with trying to get the negative stuff out there. We live in an age that even the muckrakers would be surprised at, and “Castle’s” episode “Limelight” Monday night focuses on part of that.

In the latest sneak peek below, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic play their characters as they literally have to deal with the press on the streets. This is a little bit of a different take than the previous video we shared, which focused on there being a newspaper article about Rick supposedly getting back with his ex-wife.

What Beckett does to the press when trying to work on her case is pretty standard protocol for the police when dealing with press: You don’t say anything unless you absolutely have to. The last thing that you want to do is incite panic, and cause everyone to start really working themselves into more of a frenzy. Then, they’ll publish articles that make the public go berserk.

What Castle does is something a little more notable: He doesn’t tell the press anything about his relationship with his ex, only saying that it is not the time to do that. So why not just deny the gossip? That is what Beckett asks him, and he says that it’s better to not say anything, since they will assume it’s true if he denies it. The only real way to get away from the rumors is for him to just come out and admit to being with Beckett, which she doesn’t want … for now. Maybe that will change after the two parties are married.

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Photo: ABC

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