‘The Voice’ UK review: Meet Sophie May Williams, Kelsey-Beth Crossley, Jermain Jackman

The latest -“The Voice” UK aired its second live show this weekend, and we are starting to fall into a nice little groove here. The editing was solid, the performances pretty solid, and there were some good coach moments. While we do wish that there were even bigger personalities sometimes, they did at least give nice feedback; plus, there is the mystery of will.i.am and his refusal to hit his button unless he is absolutely 100% positive about someone. He’s like that figure skating judge that gives every skater an 8 rather than a 10.

As we did with the premiere for the show, we’re going to give our take on all of the singers via the team that they chose … at least if they were selected for a team.

Team Kylie Minogue

Jamie Johnson, “So Sick” – A very good, very soulful audition. This Ne-Yo hit is not overly done for singing competitions, and he had conviction despite looking a little bit like a cartoon character. His yellow Mini / roadie for a sister felt something like a sitcom pilot. Was Kylie the right choice? If nothing else, she’s going to encourage him as to how to keep that fun energy going.

Jimmy Weston, “Desperado” – You don’t see this song covered much these days, and that goes more with Jimmy’s old-school charm. Everyone but Will turned around, and he get why: You felt something with his voice. You’ll see a little later down in this article Lewis Clay, a guy who may be a better singer, but was completely closed off. We don’t really get Kylie as a coach, though, mostly because Ricky felt like a more natural fit.

Team Tom Jones

Mairead Colon, “Purple Rain” – The Biggest surprise to us is mostly that Prince allows his songs to be cleared for a singing show. Mairead has a good voice to go along with that interesting name. Mairead, like Jamie earlier, got everyone to turn except for will.i.am, otherwise known as the choosiest judge in the planet. She picked Tom, but Tom may already be regretting turning around given how much she talks.

Team Ricky Wilson

Kelsey-Beth, “Fell in Love with a Boy” – The “Emmerdale” actress has a nice voice, but not a great one? There were some flat notes whenever she goes into the higher register, and her presence on stage still needs some work. It was pretty obvious that Ricky was going to be her choice almost from the moment the pitches began, and he really nailed his argument.

Team will.i.am

Sophie May Williams, “Time After Time” – Will waits almost the whole show to turn around for someone, and he does so at the very last second for this 17-year who looks like she may be partying with Lady Rose on “Downton Abbey.” She’s got some talent, but what makes her interesting is that she’s different. That is what could make her a great addition here.

Jermain Jackman, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – The song’s overdone, and we don’t really think that this is one that suits Will as much as Sophie May. Basically, he just allowed him on this team so that he would not leave the show without a coach. He was just too good for that.

No coach

Lewis Clay, “Cryin'” – There’s a certain amount of skill we suppose in him being able to be such a dedicated writer, but there’s something about his personality that rubbed us the wrong way. It’s almost like Ricky felt that this attitude was projecting into his music, and he gave him good advice about playing more towards the audience and bringing them into his world.

Bob Blakeley, “Cry Me a River” – This is the time where we wonder if the coaches know a thing or two about the contestants before they turn, mostly because there wasn’t any reason not to turn for this guy, who basically looks like everyone’s dad but worked the stage like some sort of crazy maestro.

Miles Anthony, “I (Who Have Nothing)” – Miles basically has the worst luck ever. He was about to audition last year when his niece had a seizure, and this year he seemed to crumble under the pressure. It was king of cool that he created his own beats, though. Producer Miles Anthony! Episode Grade: B.

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Photo: BBC

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