ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 13 video: Emily’s ‘fight’ to win Daniel back

Do you think that Emily Thorne is really going to back down on “Revenge” now that the Grayson family supposedly knows who she is? If so, you better get ready for a shock that is going to be coming up in the near future.

In the video below from Sunday night’s new episode, you can see the latest war brewing between Emily and her “husband” over the way in which she managed to get him locked down for marriage. He’s clearly upset, knowing that he was lied to and manipulated. The twist for him is just that he doesn’t quite realize yet to what extent he has been played.

Meanwhile, doesn’t Emily have a right to be pretty angry herself, given that she was actually shot during the winter finale? You better believe it. But now that she realizes just who she is fighting for, you are looking here at a woman that is much more motivated to come out and strike than she ever was before. She more or less makes it clear to Daniel that she is not giving up on the relationship, even if she knows that he cheated on her well before almost everything was revealed about her.

There are some very uncomfortable similarities at this point between Emily / Daniel and Victoria / Conrad, and we we wondered in watching this just when this was all going to be a little too much for Emily to take. Is there going a be a limit to what she tolerates from this family, and decides that there has to be a different way to take revenge? Three years in, and we feel like we’d be more than a little frustrated.

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