‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: See Juan Pablo Galavis, Sharleen Joynt kiss (video)

Sharleen Joynt -There are so many things about “The Bachelor” that we can never fathom to understand, but here’s one of them: If you know that the man at the center of the show is spending time with another woman, why watch them? Why be in a position where you can see them? You know what sort of a show this is, and the only thing that you’re going to do is drive yourself nuts.

Therefore, we have to wonder what Clare Crawley and some of other women were thinking when they decided to even be somewhat near Juan Pablo Galavis during his one-on-one time with Sharleen Joynt. You know that he’s into her, since he gave her the First Impression Rose earlier this season. You also know that these two are at least trying to be in a position that they will not be seen kissing. To Juan Pablo’s credit, he is at least taking that part of Sean Lowe’s advice to heart.

Yet, Clare manages to figure out that the two kiss, and then proceeds to storm inside and lock herself away to be emotional about it. We would give her further grief about it, but you also have to remember here that there’s no TV in the Bachelor Mansion, just as there is no internet or time that you can go grocery shopping and get away. You’re pretty much stuck between either talking with the other women, sleeping, or the Bachelor himself. It is basically the most boring environment that a human can possibly be in at times / one of the worst when you have feelings of jealousy and anxiety over being there. In a nutshell, you either have to be really thick-skinned to be on this show, or really doing everything you can to find someone because every other option didn’t work.

To Sharleen’s credit, she still seems like someone who is not letting any of this drama or the experience get to her. This makes her possibly Juan Pablo’s most aloof suitor, and she has already made it somewhat clear that she is not going to be wooed in the same way as the others.

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Photo: ABC, video via The Huffington Post


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