‘Bones’ season 9, episode 13 video: Booth’s going country (sort of)

Friday night’s “Bones” is going to be presumably an entertaining one, especially if you are a fan of country music, the show “Nashville,” or just some of the basic machinations of this industry. It features Booth and Brennan taking on a case all about someone who tried really hard to make it, but fell short … except for maybe in the Philippines. (We’re speculating about that, but this has to be titled “Big in the Philippines” for a reason.)

This episode is directed by David Boreanaz, so it is nice to see that he is giving himself some pretty nice material to work with just from the standpoint of fun. In the video below, you get a greater insight into the Booth character as he sorts through some country music, and shares a brief personal account of how he got a chance to learn about it early in his life.

Country music is not exactly a common subject of conversation in the “Bones” world,” with one of the principal reasons for that simply being that there is really not all that much to talk about with it. Brennan is not the sort of person to emphasize relating to something emotionally; the closest thing that she has to country music was that cowboy-themed bachelorette party early this season that was one of the greatest sequences of the entire year.

Do we expect any big revelations here? Not really, as a matter of fact, it’s hard to really even think that the Ghost Killer from last week is really going to be referenced in here at all.

What do you want to see happen on “Bones” tonight? Let us know your thoughts.

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