‘Duck Dynasty’ season 5 premiere review: Rebecca Robertson’s arrival; more of the same

Check it out -There was a certain “experiment” aspect to watching the premiere of “Duck Dynasty” on A&E Wednesday night, mostly because it is already very clear that the lines are now in the sand in regards to the show. Regardless of whether or not it is fair or the right thing for people to do, there is going to inevitably be a whole chorus of people from here on out who try to judge this show based on what happened in the press. There’s no going back on that.

But for those who do still watch the show and don’t care about any of that, they found tonight an episode of the show that did exactly what you would have expected from the show: Silly comedy with touches of family and bearded men acted like boys. The episode was themed around the arrival of Rebecca, an exchange student turned “honorary Robertson” who was returning to Louisiana after having an internship in Los Angeles for two years.

Let us start out with some distorted “reality” here when it comes to Rebecca: There’s not much work in her fashion industry in Louisiana. This move is more about getting face time and having a presence. Not that we mind it. Rebecca showed hints of that tonight, but we are more interested in seeing how she can bring a fish out of water energy back to the show. What made “Duck Dynasty” interested in the early seasons was that it was about these people who were caught between being modern and being in the old days. She’s someone completely modern, and is going back into a world where everyone takes a step back and relaxes rather than running around like the world is ending.

There was some comedy in here, at least from the likes of Si and Jep. But was there really enough to make up for the show hanging over Phil right now? That probably just depends on whether or not you are able to separate headlines off the show with what you saw on. With the way it was presented, “Duck Dynasty” still wants to be the same show that it always was, and that’s commendable. But, that is a show that has lost much of its luster (not including the controversy), mostly just because some of the initial magic is lost now that you know these people are big stars. Grade: B-.

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Photo: A&E

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