‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3, episode 10 review: Did Reza and Mike work things out?

Shahs -Last week on “Shahs of Sunset” we saw the nasty, drunken fight between Mike and Reza that quickly went no where and resolved nothing. It’s been difficult seeing these two fighting since they’ve always been close friends, so we are really rooting for them to work their issues out.

This week we catch up with Mike the morning after the fight. Some parts of the event are a little foggy, but Jessica clues him into everything that happened and as the story unfolds, Mike realizes just how bad things have become.

Asa wants the group to mend all of their fences before heading out on the trip to Turkey, so she starts by getting GG and MJ together to talk out their problems. GG’s upset that MJ’s hanging out with Leila while the two of them aren’t talking (and while GG and Leila are trying to get their relationship on track) and Asa agrees that MJ should just keep her relationship with Leila as a work thing. We actually think that it’s fairly childish (and arrogant) for anyone in their 30’s to be telling someone who they can and can’t be friends with, but that’s just us. In the end MJ apologizes for being friends with Leila and we are left shaking our heads.

Later MJ tells Mike that she wants the whole group (and then lists off everyone but Lilly) to get together and go to the race track hoping that he and Reza will mend their friendship. Mike shows up for race day with a bottle of Cristal champagne as a peace offering to Reza and at first when they all get in the car it looks like things are going to smooth out. Then the champagne gets opened and everyone starts fighting. Things go from bad to worse when Mike tells MJ not to eat a buttery chocolate croissant and it sparks another fight about her weight.

Once they get to the race track the drinking continues and things get really ugly. MJ’s still upset about Mike implying that she is fat and then he offers her sliders. GG weighs in with her drunken two cents even though no one is talking to her and now everyone is fighting with MJ. As Reza and Mike try to work out their issues, MJ keeps attacking Mike, so Reza and Mike leave the group to work things out. Finally the two are able to talk things out and they hug it out.

Although MJ and GG made peace earlier, their friendship becomes a shambles again as GG starts a fight and gets physical when she knocks MJ’s hat off her head. Reza decides to get MJ out of the situation and they leave with MJ saying that she doesn’t want to go to Turkey anymore.

What was crazy was hearing GG saying that she’s changed and that she’s not so angry or reactive anymore. Really? You just knocked MJ’s hat off her head so that you could get closer to MJ’s face to scream at her. Also Lilly is so absent from this group that we can’t see her coming back next season. This has been two seasons now with Lilly being separate from the group, and Bravo needs to either drop her or force her into the group situations. Grade: C-

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Photo: Bravo

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